Do you know why goal setting is important?

During this month, I know a lot of moms are into setting goals for this new year. Are you one of them? We shouldn’t set goals – just because it’s the new year or just because everyone else is. We do – because we want to achieve something important. Achieving our goals however relies on five criteria for the goals to be effective.

  • Express goals in a positive manner.
  • Set precise goals.
  • Arrange your goals according to your priorities.
  • Write down your goals.
  • Break your goals into smaller, easier to achieve goals.

Why is it that we need to set goals for us to achieve? Simply because – without goals, we will have no direction, no focus, and no reason to become involved in anything worth our while. It is important to note that goals must be specific; not unrealistic. To say you will become a millionaire in a year is a goal you may not meet. But, if the measure of success is reasonable, it can be attainable using your own standards for success.

Sometimes you may feel a great pressure to achieve great wealth in a very short time but know that this may be based on the goals of others and not specifically yours. First, you need to be clear in understanding what your specific goals are. Make sure that you possess the skills needed to achieve the goal. Gather as much information and knowledge as you can.

Ask for help whenever you need to; it is not a sign of weakness. Use whatever resources are available to you; make lists along the way. Many times you will come up with ideas which will bring you closer to your goal. Never assume anything. Research every possibility. If a particular idea doesn’t work out, try another; and another. Never give up. Never give in.

Most everyone has a goal in life, from losing weight to winning the lottery. Keep in mind, however, sometimes life gets in the way of the very thing you are trying to achieve. It may set you back for a while, but never give up the dream, the goal, or the path that will lead you to it.

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